1-     Who We Are

Excel for Financial Investments was established and registered as a private shareholding company with a capital of JD3.5 million on March 23, 2006. The company, which is fully owned by Bank of Jordan, commenced operations on October 1st, 2006.

The company offers a host of financial services in accordance with its operating license granted by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC). These are:

-        Brokerage (Financial Broker & Dealer)

-        Internet Trading

-        Margin Finance

-        Financial Advisory

-        Investment Management

-        Investment Trusteeship


2-     Our Vision

We aim to excel in providing high quality services at the local and regional levels.

3-     Our Mission

We seek to meet the needs of the various client groups through offering a comprehensive set of financial and investment services. We also endeavor to contribute to fostering an investment culture among traders.

4-     Board of Directors and Executive Management

1-  Shaker Tawfiq Fakhouri      Chairman of the Board

2-   Saleh Rajab Hamad               Vice Chairman

3-   Nassir Mustafa Khreishi     Director

           4- Rami Jamal Mahmood     Director

5-  Hani Hasan Mansi              Director

Suhrab Rakad Owais         Executive Manager


The company's board and management are backed by an administrative and technical team of competent professionals that enjoys extensive experience in the financial markets.

5- Organizational Structure

6-Financial Statements