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Internet Trading

Following the trend of the enormous technological developments that clearly affected and fastened transactions and saved lots of time and efforts on customers; we have launched the securities trading service through the internet, which allows customers to buy and sell, directly sell securities through their accounts, and check balances and shares in an accurate and secure manner. 
To register for this service, customers should fill and sign special applications and forms, send the necessary proofing documents to the company's address, which in return will provide them with the username and password for their accounts and for other inquiries, and another password for internet trading only (upon request).

It is worth mentioning that internet trading saves lots of time and efforts. To make much of this service with leniency and safety; we recommend the following:

  1. To have security and antivirus programs, encoding and anti-hacking systems on your personal PC.
  2. To preserve the username and password, because any transaction done through accounts is considered as final and issued, and the customer will be responsible for all transactions issued from his/her account using his/her own username/password.
  3. Ensure installing the legitimate and required programs on your PC, such as the operating systems, web applications and antivirus, which are necessary to activate the service.
  4. Ensure uninterrupted internet connection.

Electronic online trading manual