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Bank of Jordan Iraq

Bank of Jordan is regarded as one of the top financial institutions in the Middle East and one of the leading banks in the region.

Our goal at Bank of Jordan is to grow into one of the most significant banking organizations in the Middle East and the Arab world, supporting the banking sector by increasing our regional presence and opening more branches in key markets like Iraq, which is one of the most significant in the region.

Extending our presence into Iraq is a significant milestone in Bank of Jordan’s strategic plan, which seeks to strengthen its regional footprint, capitalize on promising opportunities in the financial and banking markets, and diversifying its revenue streams.

The Bank of Jordan, Iraq Branch provides a full range of banking services, having obtained all relevant licenses from the Central Bank of Jordan and the Central Bank of Iraq and meeting all legal and regulatory criteria in both countries.

Our Iraqi branch will be operational upon the launch of branch services in Baghdad.

To provide all banking and financial services to meet the highest standards, customers of the Bank of Jordan can take advantage of our presence in Iraq by opening external accounts at the Iraqi branch of the bank. In addition to acquiring commercial facilities, our branch also offers clients with deposit services and other diversified and integrated financial and investment products.

Contact the Bank of Jordan branch in Iraq at:

Phone: Customer Service: 7835418888 Bank/Head Offices: 7835418880

Customer Complaints: 7835418800 Branch: 7835418818 P.O. Box 3154

Location: Baghdad/ Salman Faeq Street/ Property No. 323/65

 Compliance Documents

Complaint Management

 The Bank of Jordan continuously strives to excel in serving its customers at a high level of quality. Therefore, the Bank worked to establish a specialized unit to manage and handle customer complaints and observations through the following channels: -


  • Call the toll-free number of the Customer Complaints Management Unit (80066767)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Personal visit to the customer complaints officer in the Iraq branch.


General Notes:

  • The period allotted for handling customer complaints ranges between 10-30 days.
  • If you are not satisfied with the response provided to you about the complaint, you can contact the Consumer Protection Unit at the Central Bank of Iraq, with the complaint being submitted within 30 days from the date of receiving the response from the bank.